Customized Assessment Services

We work with clients to develop effective programs and processes to ensure information is captured enabling them to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses associated with their programs and/or service delivery and to identify areas in need of improvement and develop actions to address deficiencies.

C Robinson Associates has years of demonstrated experience and ability to understand the needs of our clients and to engage with your customers to collect the desired information that will  support critical decision making.

Our team has extensive experience in the following areas:


Customer Surveys


Employee Surveys


Focus Group Facilitation



Surveys are useful in gathering different types of information and in describing and gauging the thoughts, opinions and attitudes of internal or external populations.

Various types of surveys can be administered via a varierty of modes, including: online, email, social media, paper, mobile, telephone, and face-to-face surveys or a mixture of multiple modes.

For the most accurate data, respondents need must feel comfortable being open and honest as possible with their answers. Surveys conducted anonymously most often provide an avenue for more honest and unambiguous responses, especially if it is clearly stated that survey answers will remain completely confidential.

Our firm has the expertise to customize, conduct and interpret Customer and Employee Surveys to gather targeted results from which clients can draw conclusions and make important program and service decisions to enable your company’s success.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

C Robinson Associates can help your organization gather the feedback you need to ensure you are driving superior customer satisfaction. High customer satisfaction leads to customer retention, loyalty, increased service and program usage. Satisfaction surveys help you understand what you’re doing well and the areas you need to focus on to improve. They give you the data and insights needed for better, more effective decision making. Our firm can provide support services to help you take your survey data and results and put them into action.

The benefits of customer satisfaction surveys:


It’s a primary indicator of customers’ loyalty to and/or their intention to repurchase services


It’s a point of differentiation


It reduces customer churn


It increases customer lifetime value


It reduces negative word of mouth


It’s cheaper to retain customers than acquire new ones

Customer Satisfaction Process and Deliverables

Custom designed surveys - Designed to gather the information you need for good decision-making 

Multiple deployment options - Surveys can be collected via paper, telephone or online methods

Statistical Validity  - Appropriate combination of survey methods will be used to obtain statistically valid data

Detailed reports of your results - Reports include: executive summary, demographic breakdowns, a tally of all question responses, comments, customized and data views. Executive Summary includes findings, recommendations and  corrective actions

Final presentations - A summary review of survey results will be delivered to your organization by an experienced consultant.


Employee Surveys

We believe that your employees are your most important asset. A valuable  mechanism used to gauge the attitudes and perceptions of your employees, to get the pulse of the organization, is the use of Employee Surveys. This tool can be used for (but is not limited to) the following:

Identifying the factors that boost employee productivity

Understanding the levels of employee engagement and satisfaction

Understanding the root causes of employee turnover

Aligning employee performance with organizational goals


Our firm has the expertise and experience to customize, conduct and interpret Employee Surveys to ensure you have the needed informaiton to attract, motivate and retain talent that is vital to your company’s success.

Focus Group Facilitation

Focus groups can be used to gather information to assist with developing or improving services provided. C Robinson Associates team members are adept at facilitating Focus Groups with diverse populations to collect information to improve programs, processes and performance .

We facilitate focus groups for your organization to:

Collect thoughts, opinions and perceptions about a specific topic/topic area

Gather and/or understand input/feedback of internal and external stakeholders

Gain greater insight into the drivers and opinion influencers

Assist with improving planning and design of new programs

Provide a means of evaluating existing programs

Contribute to the development of new strategies for outreach and other initiatives