Health and Human Services


Program effectiveness can be measured through assessments that help clarify the program logic and outcome expectations of key stakeholders, leading to a clear description of program target populations, inputs, outcomes, and metrics for measuring program performance. These evaluations guide early implementation decision making to fine-tune strategies for engaging program participants and delivering program services and activities.

The C Robinson Associates  team blends content knowledge of health care and human services with expertise in program evaluation, monitoring and compliance, standard operating procedures/policies and program implementation. The team includes experts in qualitative and quantitative methods who conduct reviews with objectivity and rigor, and who use the most appropriate research design techniques to assess the effectiveness of specific service areas.

Aging Resources and Services Support

C Robinson Associates has a highly experienced and  effective team of professionals who have a combined 75+ years of service in administrative and direct services to support older adults. Ensuring the provision of quality programs and services to seniors one community at a time. 

Our services include:


Direct Service Guidance and Consultation


Organizational Plan and Development


Team Staff Development and Training


Program and Services Monitoring and Compliance


Customer Satisfaction Surveys


Policies, Procedures and Standard Operating Guides


Evidence-Based Health and Wellness Program Development and Implementation

Evidence-Based Health and Wellness Programs

Extensive research findings support the belief that evidence-based wellness programs have a beneficial effect on physical and emotional outcomes and health-related quality of life.

    The Wellness Management U (WMU) program is designed to assist organizations and community groups with creating a culture of wellness.  This program is a result of evidence-based education models  and is led by certified facilitators. 

    Improved health care results, health insurance costs, work attendance and emotional wellness are reported to be direct results of participating in evidence-based wellness programs which have an impact on an employer's bottom line. These programs have proven to be effective across socioeconomic and educational levels.

    Wellness Management U will offer benefits through one of three program offerings:

    Chronic Disease Self-Management Program

    Diabetes Disease Self-Management Program

    A Matter of Balance


    Chronic Disease Self-Management Program (CDSMP)


    Diabetes Self-Management Program (DSMP)

    Stanford University's Chronic Disease Self-Management Program (CDSMP) is designed for individuals with chronic health conditions such as asthma, high blood pressure, heart disease, high cholesterol, obesity, pain, fatigue, stress  and anxiety, and other chronic conditions. CDSMP focuses on individuals with various conditions and how they address their similar day-to-day challenges while improving the participants ability to better control their physical and emotional well being.


    Stanford University's Diabetes Self-Management Program (DSMP) focuses specifically on individuals who are challenged with Type-2 diabetes.  This program emphasizes the importance of understanding and managing diabetes, healthy eating, exercising, short-term goal setting, and weight management along with several other diabetes-related topics to cope with the impact it has on daily living


    A Matter of Balance (AMOB)

    A Matter of Balance (AMOB) by MainHealth is a program intervention used to prevent the occurrence of falls. The program is designed to address the fear of falling, teaches techniques to control the possibility of falling, incorporates muscle strengthening exercises that improve balance and helps build confidence that participants can create an environment that decreases the likelihood of falls through self-management techniques. 


    "Atlanta Regional Commission, Area Agency on Aging contracted with C Robinson Associates to provide compliance and regulatory monitoring for our programs. We have been extremely pleased with the level of professionalism and quality of work received from C Robinson Associates. We consider them an integral part of our team. Since C Robinson Associates' involvement, we have been able to make many programmatic and procedural enhancements that significantly improved our services to the older adult population for the 10 county region we serve.”

    - Sheila Benefield, Manager, Provider Network and Financial Services
    Atlanta Regional Commission