Organizational Development

C Robinson Associates works with leaders and organizations to assist with and support their desire to achieve improved outcomes and adapt to industry/market shifts. We do this by delivering project services that drive culture change and implementing initiatives that improve performance, enhance efficiency and increase productivity for organizational growth.

Strategic Planning

A strong strategic plan is the lifeblood of a successful organization that is operating at the optimal level. The content of an effective strategic plan shapes and guides what an organization is, who it serves, what it does and why it does it, with a continued focus on the future. It describes where an organization is going and how they will know when they have achieved success.

C Robinson Associates has worked with a diverse range of organizations to help with the development of comprehensive strategic plans tailored to each client’s unique requirements. We stand ready to support your organization with the following services:

Analysis of the current environment

Identification of issues and potential derailment factors

Development/Documentation of priorities

Setting of goals and objectives and critical success factors

Establishment/Identification of strategic plan actions 

Preparation of programs, policies, and plans that support the implementation strategy


Implementation Services and Support

C Robinson Associates will bring the winning strategy for ensuring project implementation success from initiation of project management through the delivery of ongoing accountability services that will provide effective project outcome tracking.   

Successful program and projects don’t happen on their own. It is critical that organizations ensure they have efficient, effective and well-documented processes in place to transform their business, systems and people.

Our consultants have extensive experience with driving operational excellence by defining effective implementation plans that ensure the success of projects – from the simple to the complex, from the beginning of the implementation through a successful completion.

We work with your team to guide and assist with the process of identifying the appropriate implementation resources based on the project requirements. 

To ensure a successful project conclusion our C Robinson Associates team will also deliver the critical client services needed to conduct ongoing communication and reviews that will quickly expose any issues with the project as they arise.



"The JTA hired C Robinson Associates, which specializes in organizational development, to lead the restructuring.”

-Route Optimization Initiative New System. New Routes. New Way Case Study, Jacksonville Transportation Authority.