Quality Assurance and Review

C Robinson Associates has a strong team that assists organizations with assessing the quality of their performance and helping to develop action plans that drive identified improvements.

The evaluation process consists of:

Building measurement tools

Monitoring tasks

Evaluating measurements and results

Assisting with problem solving

Developing solutions

Successfully implementing changes    


Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping is a methodology used to either collect information or to measure actual performance against the ideal and/or required customer experience.

C Robinson Associates offers a comprehensive Mystery Shopping program designed with the specific needs of the client in mind. We have experience delivering Mystery Shopping program services and we work one-on-one with our clients to identify their needs and create programming that meets their needs.

We design our survey instruments to collect and assess information allowing us to provide recommendations to drive the best outcomes for our clients.

Monitoring, Compliance and Evaluation

Quality Assurance, Monitoring, Compliance and Evaluation services provide valuable insight to agencies, consumers, clients and companies and are designed to:

Measure adherence to internal policies and procedures (standards and guidelines)

Identify training and technical skills needed

Identify performance trends

Improve the customer experience 

Companies  find that having an objective monitor yields information that can be used to improve staff performance, productivity and effectiveness and thereby build confidence in the quality and accuracy of the overall offerings and service delivery.