Executive Recruiting and Staffing


Initiating the Search

We begin by meeting with the client to:

Gain a clear understanding of the company’s goals, objectives and staffing needs

Understand the overall business philosophy and culture of the organization

Discuss the recruiting process to attract talent that will give our client a competitive advantage in the marketplace


The search process

Our methodology for recruiting executive talent is as follows:

Post staff needs on appropriate candidate sources

Compile a list of candidates

Discuss candidates with the client and review qualifications

Create a candidate short list

Close the search after client negotiations and selected candidate hiring has been finalized


Integrating coaching for maximizing success:

Accelerate their impact

Enhance “cultural fit”

Understand and maximize strengths of their new team

Ensure individual success



  • The C Robinson Associates Executive Search and Staffing team delivers quality and proven results to our clients. Our overall objective is to identify the most qualified individuals who fit the “ideal candidate” profile. We deliver Leadership Assessments and Coaching for adaptation, fit and retention.